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    vj commercial properties massachusetts

About Us

Who are we?

VJ Properties, LLC is a small business that owns and manages commercial real estate in Norwood, MA. Family owned and operated, VJ Properties, LLC was established as a Limited Partnership in 1998 and changed to a Limited Liability Company in 2009. All properties owned and managed were built in the 1970s and 1980s by the family’s patriarch Frank Simoni.

Our current real estate holdings include over 100 acres of land along Route 1 in Norwood with structures that contain the Norwood Country Club, The Chateau Restaurant and the 520 Office Building.

The office building has 12 office and retail suites, including VJ Properties offices. Frank Simoni also built the hotel adjacent to the Chateau Restaurant and Norwood Country Club. He built it in 1980 as a Howard Johnsons and converted it to a Ramada in 1988. VJ Properties sold it in 2005 and it is now a Hampton Inn.

Our Team

Victor F. Coletti has led VJ Properties, LLC for 20 years. He has an MS in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and spent 20 years working for a civil/environmental engineering company prior to joining the family business in 1994. Vic’s background helps him keep all properties and suites in first class, prime condition at all times. Vic’s wife, Janet is the office administrator for VJ Properties, LLC. Vic’s daughter, Vanessa joined the business after graduating from Pace University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

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I had an amazing experience working with VJ Properties.

VJ Properties keeps up with our office space and property needs in a timely manner.

Victor is a great person to work with and he is always responsive to all of our property management needs.